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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2021

Uplift Your Local AAPI Community Through Food

Members of the APPI Affinity Group have some great suggestions of local AAPI restaurants for you to visit and support!

Learn More About AAPI Experiences and History

Find articles and other content that have documented AAPI experiences and history that affect the perception of the AAPI community today.

Support AAPI
Non-Profits and Folks Affected by AAPI Hate

Donate your time, money, or attention to organizations who are raising awareness for the injustices the AAPI community faces, organizations that are resources to take care of our AAPI community, and the folks affected by the increase in AAPI hate.


The Asian-American Pacific Islander Affinity group started just a few months ago. Already, the group has had heavy discussions that show that how necessary it is to share our experiences with each other and find ways to create a community that supports our AAPI identities and addresses injustices for all. 

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